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Understanding Your Risk Profile

There may be dimensions to the risk profile of your organisation which you never considered. Let RiPPUL cybersecurity experts protect your business, your clients, and your livelihood.

Here's an example of a recent discovery on the pervasiveness of data collection and real-time analysis by Google Gmail:

Fact: I did not let google mail know that I had been talking about, buying, or considering lithium batteries for my sensors (they are standard AA, could have been alkaline).

As I was typing this sentence, in real time, the moment I struck the lower case “ l “ in lithium, the following in yellow was autocomplete-ready for me. I needed only to press the TAB key to use it.

Shock , outrage, surprise? The AJAX two way communication between your browser and the remote server must be awesomely impressive backend. Contextual typing suggestions. All juiced up and stored forever with meta data about my username, account.

I hit the TAB, grateful for the .002 ms of thought I get back, stunned at the .05 seconds for me to digest what this is, but guarded about what details I might type into a web-based mail editor in the future.

There may be vulnerabilities associated with data leaks if the same mechanism Google uses to provide this service to the public is used to also service their Gmail accounts.