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  • Patrick Best, CISSP

Public Posture, Vulnerability, and Penetration Testing

RiPPUL Offers Vulnerability and Penetration Testing as part of a balanced approach to managing and understanding your security posture. One of the first questions I fire back to clients is, why do you think you need an audit? What is the baseline position you're starting from, and would resources be better served to examine other aspects or areas of your information security, or directed straight to implementation of a new firewall or other first-order-of-business solution.

We are equipped and ready to respond to inquiries regarding our vulnerability and scan services. Not sure where to begin? RiPPUL offers consultation and a range of packages to target small to medium sized enterprises. All audit categories contain reporting of technical, personnel, and systems/logical controls.

Public Posture - an technical examination of web facing properties including site, email, registrations, forms, public records, regulatory compliance (PIPEDA).

Vulnerability Scan - system version and patch management fingerprinting, analysis of information infrastructure

Penetration Test - the most invasive and honed test adapting technical, physical, and social techniques to achieve a prevented or otherwise disallowed action.

Please contact RiPPUL to discuss.