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Public Presence Analysis and Vulnerability Report

You won't believe what we find.

This is a non-intrusive and non-penetration report.  We want to earn your trust and so each authorised report must be accompanied by a signed mutual Non Disclosure Agreement.

Our team scours the web and searches for your assets.  We then correlate, cross reference, and detail artifacts about your business and its employees, customers, and overall footprint. 

And that's just the beginning.  Our security engineers evaluate, test, and inspect every byte of code that's presented by your web presence.   We'll give you the straight-shot truth about what we find, and we'll also advise you about your most apparent risks and attack surfaces.

The PPAVR report often indicates problems with vendor trust, quality of build, client breach risks, and malicious activity which may have been present for years.

Report Contents

Good Thing We're the Good Guys.

Domain Report

Our domain reports are absolutely thorough.   We look at your most visible asset - your domain name.  In many cases the domain name represents a starting point for your clients, a company-wide identity, and your single most important non-monetary asset.

Some of the important details we look at : 

  • Registrations

  • Expirations

  • Domain Landscape and Value

  • Start of Authority

  • DNS Resource Records (entries)  

Mail Server Report

How secure is your email?  How is your email vendor performing?  These are some of the questions we use to guide our technical review of your most important communication channel.  Some of the most common sources of grief for our clients become apparent from this Report.

  • Blacklist review

  • Configuration review

  • Mail Server architecture and software

  • Data residency evaluation

Web Server Report

Even if your page is static, you are just as vulnerable to performance problems, data breach, regulatory fines, and more sinister attacks.  We perform an in-depth and thorough inspection of your complete website, even the underlying javascript or code using the latest scanning tools.  Some of the other items we review include: 

  • Encryption Certificate and Web Server Encryption 

  • Cookies, Javascript Review

  • Web Provider review and performance assessment

  • Google Ranking and other marketing problems

  • Black List status

  • Malicious code scan, blacklist review

  • External Site References

  • Site Content

Content and Regulatory

Whether you're a local business or deal in international trade, get an honest and informed opinion on the compliance of your web site. 

For domestically focused businesses, this package includes PIPEDA legislation review.  We provide a template or modification suggestions based on the actual interaction with your web site's background functions.

EU GPDR or PCI/DSS initial observation reports are available for added fees.

Public Presence Analysis and Vulnerability Report 
$885 + HST

Understand your position.

  • Web, Email, and Social platform evaluation (Passive)

  • Analysis of all publicly available information

  • PIPEDA Compliance Review and Policy Statement

Rippul Reports Marketing Photo - Modifie

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